Managed Services

Every business relies on technology

Our Managed Services are the perfect alternative for businesses who are lacking the resources to hire their own internal IT staff or for companies who would like to help free up their IT staff to focus on critical problems, rather than manage technology.

What do you get with Managed Services? 

With Managed Services you get access to a personal Desktop technician and  Senior technician, our helpdesk services, after hours support, basic and/or advanced monitoring, data backup administration, documentation, & inventory tracking, and our vCIO services

How does it work? 

How do we deliver the service?  

Once you have signed up for our Managed Services, you will get immediate access to our support helpdesk service, who will start addressing your everyday problems. While addressing your daily issues, a senior technician will perform an audit of your environment.

What is an Environment Assessment?  

The IT environment assessment helps our staff to become familiar with every aspect of your IT environment. In addition, the assessment provides you with a report of the current status of your infrastructure, identifying any vulnerabilities, risks, or possible improvements, as well as recommendations on how to resolve the issues.

What happens after the assessment?  

We review the findings and work with you or your management team to identify the criticality and priority of each issue. Then we will create a roadmap to resolve or implement solutions to our findings. If you don’t have a project manager, your senior technician is a capable project manager as well! This ensures that implementation, timelines, and your budget are all handled responsibly and efficiently.

Our team will also assist to develop, improve, or implement policies and procedures around maintenance of systems and services; implement monitoring solutions for your critical services; and ensure there are security measures in place to protect your and your clients’ data.


What are the benefits of using our Managed Service?  

Peace of mind 

Knowing your IT environment is being proactively managed and maintained is very reassuring. Avoid possible outages that can disrupt your businesses operations, leaving you with confidence that you can focus on the areas of your business where you’re needed.

One stop resource for your IT needs 

We are your ONE PIECE SOLUTION. Whether you need to purchase hardware or software, create or edit a new website, develop an application, require assistance with your computer or device, or just want an expert to give guidance on a new idea or initiative, we will be your single trusted resource. No shopping around needed.

Find Trusted Experts Faster 

Through our experience, knowledge, and networking, we’ll be able to connect you faster with subject matter experts (SMEs), getting the answers you need sooner, saving you time and money.

Customized Personable Service

We’re a smaller managed services company, so we are capable of giving you the individual time and attention your business deserves. We provide you with the same level of expertise that a large enterprise company would deliver, but at a much more affordable price.

Predictable Budgets

If you have experience with budgeting or have no idea how to start budgeting, our comprehensive services allow you to produce predictable IT budgets so you can keep costs under control.

Our Unique Root Cause Guarantee

Ever have an IT person tell you a problem was fixed,  just to have the problem came back again?

Recurring problems can definitely be resolved with a quick fix to get your systems back up and running, but do you ever wonder why the problem came back in the first place? Often cases like this are what deter people from seeing the true value in IT services often throwing out the statement that “IT is just a cost centre”. Well, with our unique “root cause” guarantee, we make sure we’re not just putting a bandaid over a problem. We identify and deal with the underlining cause and ensure you are aware of the “why” it started and are equipped with the “how” to fix or avoid the problem from happening again.