One Piece IT prides itself as having the fastest response time in the industry at 30 minutes or less.


One Piece IT believes in giving you full access to your data and information with our No Handcuff Policy.


With over 15+ years of experience across the industry, One Piece IT ensures that you are assisted by our well-versed team at all times.



Desktop Support

Our Desktop Support extends towards boardroom setups, office setups, software licensing, inventory management, and hardware support/maintenance.

Managed Services

Let us help you manage your IT services so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

One Piece IT Store

One Piece IT’s store offers domains, web hosting, and professional emails to match your brand new domain.


Our support covers server, network, and cloud support such as data backup and recovery, environment rebuilds, and security and monitoring.

Web Development

One Piece IT offers web design and development to go with your brand new domain.

Strategic Planning

We offer auditing services to test the state of your current technology environment.



Team Work

Committed, creative, dedicated.


Trust pays off.


It’s about you and your business.

Who We Are

One Piece IT cares for the success of your business. As partners, OPIT intends to fully understand the challenges you face with technology and IT services. With our assistance, we will help your business operate efficiently, with complete peace of mind.

Our Vision

At One Piece IT, we strive to go above and beyond what is expected of IT support. We build a friendly and enduring relationship with all our clients as we believe it is the best way to business. Take advantage of our expertise in managing businesses, to help you succeed with yours. You can expect us to be honest, transparent, and empathetic to your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission at OPIT is to become the One-Piece-Solution for business IT needs. Our goal as a company is to provide you with a service that will continually impact your day-to-day experience for the better. Our business has steadily grown to provide more than just technical knowledge and expertise; we have created genuine relationships with businesses and people alike.



We’ve had a vision of what we wanted  IT to be, but it got stalled out and never seemed to happen. Working to move into the cloud, away from on-site servers etc.  Now the vision is materializing, working on getting the website done and going, the reason it was being delayed, is being hosted on the on-site web server. Now there is excitement of finally getting where they want to be.

We’re happy. Love the responsiveness of the OPIT team!

Aaron Ling


I could say loads of glowing things about how the support of One Piece IT has transformed our small business

I wanted the feeling of having an ‘in house’ IT shop and I get that with One Piece IT – literally I feel like we are on the same team and when they are in the office they are seamless team members.

I value the face to face – I was concerned that using a consultant would mean that we would be reliant on a remote connection for trouble shooting but we aren’t… certainly there are times a quick remote in fixes things but I love how eager the One Piece team is to sit down and chat with us.  Sometimes I truly wonder how you manage to support your other clients because we are so needy!

Gemma Beierback, CEO

Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board


One piece it partners


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    In honour of Thanksgiving this year, One Piece IT celebrates 5 years of success and growth. Over the years, OPIT has grown through the opportunity to assist and support the following companies: Real Estate Insurance Exchange, The Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board, Thornhille Greenview Community Association, and Panther Sports Medicine. These companies took a chance on OPIT during the company’s infancy, and to this day, we have proven our loyalties to each other. As our company continues to grow and our team expands, we want to personally thank the individuals who allowed us to prove our worth, and trust us to

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  • Public WiFi. Convenience At What Cost?

    Public WiFi. Convenience At What Cost?

    the typical scenario we’ve all experienced at one point, not thinking twice about connecting to an openly available Wi-Fi connection. In fact, according to a study performed by Norton by Symantec in 2017, approximately 55% of consumers globally admitted to connecting to any available Wi-Fi signal.

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