Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash.
In honour of Thanksgiving this year, One Piece IT celebrates 5 years of success and growth. Over the years, OPIT has grown through the opportunity to assist and support the following companies: Real Estate Insurance Exchange, The Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board, Thornhille Greenview Community Association, and Panther Sports Medicine. These companies took a chance on OPIT during the company’s infancy, and to this day, we have proven our loyalties to each other. As our company continues to grow and our team expands, we want to personally thank the individuals who allowed us to prove our worth, and trust us to continue to provide IT services:  

Lloyd Weber, the Director and VP of Operations for Panther Sports Medicine connected with us during a time of need and assistance. As our conversations lengthened and their needs expanded, we were given an opportunity to assist with small projects, eventually leading us to a full managed support relationship. 

Kevin Kromm, the General Manager for Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association started a relationship with us through small maintenance projects. These projects grew as we established a newfound trust, ultimately leading us to website development and ongoing managed services. 

Lisa Sabo, CEO of Real Estate Insurance Exchange (REIX) was referred to us by a colleague with a close business relationship with the company. Our services and prices were able to meet their expectations for managed services, and this in turn created a support style that met the needs of the staff and company budget. 

Gemma Beierback, the CEO of Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board, was referred to us by a staff member. Through this relationship, we set out to offload all technical issues from the CEO, taking full responsibility for their IT needs. 

Notable mention goes out to Paul Falkowski from the Manteo Group. His guidance and advice helped mentor us as a startup.   

Thanks to the many other business owners, mentors, and supporters who believed in our approach to IT support. Our empathy-first approach may not be the most traditional, but it has created relationships with our customers that help us feel like we’re part of their team. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. We hope to continue growing with the companies and businesses we work with in order to create a better understanding of each other, and the community we have built.