Strategic Planning (vCIO)

IT infrastructure audit

We always advise on the available facts. We offer auditing services to assess the state of your current technology environment, identify any weak links within your operations or systems, and help implement cost-effective changes.


We will:

  • Analyze any inefficiencies with your existing IT infrastructure and advise on how to improve them in a future-proof and efficient way
  • Advise on technology that can be incorporated into your operations to help automate and / or secure your systems
  • Learn about technology being utilized by your competitors
  • Advise on emergent risks and the impact of your technology decisions


Future planning & IT Management 

We will:

  • Work with the senior staff to create a technology roadmap that aligns to your business goals and needs
  • Conduct evaluations to assess your IT needs
  • Manage technology needs for specific projects
  • Provide periodic updates on the status of your IT landscape to monitor the condition of the hardware and software within your infrastructure
  • Provide procurement assistance to ensure you get the best prices on hardware, software, and / or cloud solutions
  • Work with you to ensure there is continual improvement both to the technology and our service offerings