Server/Network/Cloud Support

We take tech solutions seriously. That’s why we take the time to design and plan before purchasing or implementing a solution. We make sure you understand how a tech solution can make your life easier and provide a cost analysis to help you make your decision. We also provide the essential documentation that describes the architecture, setup, and configuration settings, as well as the maintenance plan for supporting the solution after it’s been installed.

As part of our one-piece solution, we also offer reseller services with the latest brands. We have long-established relationships with top name vendors to ensure our clients get the best deal possible for their purchase product or service.

The average hardware lifecycle for servers and network equipment is about 5-7 years. Our comprehensive inventory tracking procedures keep you ahead of the cycle so everything keeps running smoothly.

Exclusive to our Managed Services Plan, our security and monitoring service is ideal for businesses who want peace of mind. Knowing your system is protected and that services (websites, portals, etc.) are always available is incredibly valuable. By proactively monitoring your environment, we can alert and respond to potential issues before they can negatively affect your business.

Your data has taken years to build, it is your reference point for what was successful and not successful for your business and contains information on your customers. The information you store is so critical to your business.

One Piece IT has years of experience installing, managing, storing, and maintaining business backup solutions. We understand that its not just making sure backups have run successfully, but frequently testing to make sure those backups are usable and available when and where you need it.

Upgrades are never as simple as the vendor tells you they are. There can be a lot to consider, compatibility with other applications, hardware, or other software updates. Our technical team uses a change management approach to these upgrades, where we consider risks to the upgrade, backout plans, implementation procedures, success factors, emergency contacts, and outage timelines. All of which are discussed with a change management group that’s assembled with our client’s management team, application owners, and our technical team members. We ensure that everyone is on the same page and aware when changes are made to a system or the environment.

Sometimes a simple upgrade may call for other infrastructure improvements or it may be the case that technology maintenance has been put off for longer than your hardware can take. Our technical team will expertly assess your technology needs and design solutions that will keep your data secure while improvements are made to enhance your productivity and business growth.

You may have some daily operational tasks that are taking up a lot of you or your staff’s time. We can help create a script, source and/or recommend an automated solution to alleviate the workload, freeing up time and enhancing productivity.

At One Piece IT, we believe in providing only the best support for your business. Having onsite support isn’t enough these days. To ensure you and your staff aren’t wasting time waiting for your technician to come onsite, our convenient Remote Support service can solve 99% of issues without needing to come onsite, reducing downtime and costs.