Most moving companies will only transport your computer equipment and usually put it on the client to disconnect all devices. Our team will help coordinate with the movers, unhook all devices and ensure all cabling, monitors, computer towers, docking stations, etc are safely and properly stored and ready for movers to transport. Once transported we ensure no equipment is missing and everything is hooked up so that you and your staff ready for the next business day.

Our boardroom setups help source, design and install projectors, whiteboards, interactive smartboards, and whatever else you’ll need in your boardroom. If your goal is to WOW your guests or just provide a need to assist with presentations or conference calls our team can make it a reality

  • Technology is great when its working, but when they start to fail or have weird glitches our talented technical team has the experience, knowledge, and determination to find the root cause and provide interim and long term permanent solutions so that these problems stop reoccurring
  • We guarantee our resolutions, if a issue reappears after we have reported it was fixed, we won’t invoice you for any follow ups after pertaining to that problem.(Our unique competitor separator)

Long has the time passed when “G0d69” could be used as a password. Passwords now require more complexity and length to ensure your computer stored information is protected. In addition some places even require multi-factor authentication (MFA). Our technical team can assist with setting up
the more robust authentication methods and assist you and your staff should any issues arise.

We help procure business class equipment for your business and ensure the devices are protected with warranties and follow the industry standardized hardware lifecycles. By doing this we ensure your hardware is up to date with the latest firmware, replacement parts are available and there is no cost or fees to replace them, and we can proactively ensure you or your staff’s computer doesn’t fail while working on that executive report or client schematic.

Purchasing software has become a lot more complicated. Most software vendors have moved to subscription based software which has somewhat brought the world back to the 1 product 1 license model. But it can get complicated with subscription addons and multi-user or multi-node licensing
or even processor licensing. Needless to say sometimes you just need someone familiar with software licensing to make sense of it all. That’s where our experience and knowledge can save you time and give you peace of mind.

We offer helpdesk services so that you and your staff can contact us for any IT issue. We log every email, phone call, or text so that we never miss or forget your issue and can resolve them over a remote session or during an office visit.

As a trusted service provider we like to ensure your environment is documented. We will log all your devices with their serial#, make, model, year of purchase, who the device was assigned to and the location. We keep it up-to-date, and will be a lifesaver should you need to do an insurance claim or financial asset assess.